Food for the Soul

Let’s dish. Useful and beautiful, sometimes dangerous or whimsical. Dishes are powerful and practical. Beautiful bowls can nourish souls when they are empty of what nourishes the body. Then the light can cast a colorful shadow through them. 

Coral Bowl, 9" x 9"
Coral Bowl
Mad for Plaid Dish set, 11" platter, 9" bowl
Plaid Set
Rainbowl, 11", photo by customer
Rainbowl by customer
Reach the Beach Set
Reach the Beach Set

Something new! Put Some Sizzle in Your Swizzle

Or something like that, you get the idea: Swizzle Sticks in gorgeous glass for your glasses. Even your rocks will be delighted.

Specialty dishes include friendship bowls (the one pictured here reads “Best friends help you find things you lost… Like your smile, your hope and your courage”) and remembrance bowls. Remembrance bowls can be done with or without the ashes of someone special.

Friends Bowl
Friends Bowl
Remembrance Bowl
Remembrance Bowl Front
Remembrance Bowl Back
Remembrance Bowl Back