I enjoy creating sculptures which look different at different times of day, depending on the lighting they receive. But, like a mad scientist in my lair (the garage, or at least the corner of the garage my husband has graciously given me to house my ever growing hoard of glass and tools) I’m always pushing for something more. So wind chimes allow me to channel sound and motion as well as light. Maybe it is because I’m mostly Irish, but I love a trifecta.   🙂 [ichcpt id=”16004″]

Give Someone Special the Bird

Heavy, made of multi-colored glass and 1” deep. Good for gazing deep into. Wait, is that a metallic green bit of glass in there? Hmmm. Each bird has a heart in its chest. 2 styles, rockin’ birds (5”) and resting birds (6”). No two are alike, well except for having hearts.

Some are more birdly, some are more abstract. Greener or pinker depending on the mood I was in and the glass available when I was filling up the mold and firing up the kiln.

Hello Halloween!

Is that a chainsaw in your jacket or are you just happy to see me? A special design for the Hardy and Nance Studios Nightmares 2017 show: Night(Mare) Light shows off my spooktacular new lamp design. If you commission one, it doesn’t have to be as creepy as this.

Her Nightmare: Dissolving into Fog
His Nightmare: No way out