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Recent Work

New Logo

My new logo My new logo was designed by my cousin-in-law, Gary Walker, and I think you'll agree that he is a very talented graphic deisgner. I'm loving it and have already ordered the new vinyl banner for my booth, so that I'm ready to show it off at all the spring shows. The prosess of being interviewed was fun and I got a lot of interesting sketches to choose from. This logo says a lot about me looking forward to the future while realizing that my past is what brought me here.
Swoop Appetizer Dish Red and Purple twisted glass rods set in chocolate glassNew Dishes include: This Swoop Appetizer Dish is an experiment with 2mm stacked glass in gradients reds. And Purple and red twisty rods combine with lucious chocolate glass to produce this nuts or cheese dish of serene beauty.

Commissions - Going to the Dogs

Yorkie Wine Bottle Balancer Cedar Pucks for Trees Sold out of the wine bottle balancers. And the wonderful woman who bought the last one asked for a custom balancer, shaped like a Yorkie. Finally finishing it up. Did you notice its heart? It is almost ready to leave my studio for its forever home. No wine was harmed in the taking of this photo, but I did have to promise my hubby I'd give his bottle back!
Now taking orders for Holiday Trees and Dreidels. And stocking up on supplies for them. Thanks to Kevin Hromas for the cedar that I use for the bases. It was originally intended for fence posts.

Expanding the Ocean Series

Glass cheese platter with tidal pool colors and sea shells and sea urchins. I've lived next to the Atlantic, Pacific, Red Sea and Gulf of Mexico. So my proximity and love for nature made the Ocean series inevitable. And the purchase this spring of a new glass project workbook inspired new additions to the series. Really happy with the shells and sea urchins. Sometimes the kiln gods hear and answer our prayers. Each is one of a kind, and will be going to all the Holiday Shows with me.

Where to see my Work

Fort Bend Art Center
Ongoing, Displays change quarterly | 12 PM – 4 PM Friday thru Sunday

2012 Avenue G, Rosenberg TX 77471

display case featuring my glass artHome of the Art League of Fort Bend, this welcoming and spacious non-profit gallery run by volunteers features over 30 artists, artist studios and classroom space. At right is a photo of one of my displays for our Winter Quarter.

Studio Space

Albert Goldreich Pottery
104 Industrial Blvd #101, Sugar Land, TX 77479

kilns at Albert Goldreich StudiosI work at Albert Goldreich Pottery and have access to some really fun tools! I'll keep you posted on what amazing things are happening as I explore the new possiblities this partnership offers me. This photo shows the kiln room, one of 3 rooms in the studio! The glass kiln is in the back and it runs cooler than the small ones I have in my garage. Every kiln is unique like finger prints!

Meet the Artist

Selfie with a glass tree After over 20 years in the IT industry, I retired to do something less stressful: play with broken glass!

Above, photographed in the wild, without safety gear or power tools.

Sharing my passion for creating beautiful art glass and jewelry. Grab some wine gear for that bottle you've been saving or savor munchies from a one-of-a-kind bowl. Glass Wind chimes? Yes, I'm cracked, but they won't. Gift a Friendship or Remembrance bowl to someone special. Or indulge in some dangly chandeliearrings. (Ok, so that's a made-up word. But it works, right?)

Why Raven Eagle Design?

Glass kiln carving of raven and eagleI'm originally from Alaska and transplanted to Texas in 1999. There, Haida and Tlingit Indians have two main clans, the Eagles and the Ravens. Traditionally, members of the same clan cannot marry, so typical marriages are the joining of an eagle to a raven. Eagle and Raven, when linked together, are consequently known as the Lovebirds. So really the company is about love.

Meet My Assistants

Glass kiln carving of raven and eagleMy first glass teacher called us "kiln monkeys". My helpers aren't monkeys, but they do love to monkey around when they aren't "helping" me make, polish, or sell glass art. Left to Right: Louie, Jethro and Caffrey, photographed on one of their (many) breaks.

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